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Drama Special - Human Casino Cast (Korean Drama - 2011) - 드라마 ... 2011년 9월 25일 ... Drama Special - Human Casino Cast (Korean Drama - 2011) - 드라마 스페셜 - 휴먼 카지노, aka 휴먼 카지노, find Drama Special - Human Casino (드라마 스페셜 - 휴먼 카지노) cast, characters ... Wooyoung (우영) ... Suzy (수지). 歌手/ Suzy(수지) - 韓芝宥泡菜狂想曲 - 痞客邦 2017年1月25日 ... 2011年KBS《Human Casino》飾小情侶 ... 2012年Classic〈J.Y. Park 박진영, Taecyeon 택연, Wooyoung 우영, Suzy 수지- Classic〉. 綜藝節目:

In September 2011, Wooyoung and Dream High co-star Suzy made a cameo appearance in the KBS Drama Special Human Casino. The two idols played the role of a couple caught up in gambling scandals. Their scene wasn't a part of the actual drama, but were rather featured towards the end with the rolling credits.

2PM’s Wooyoung and miss A’s Suzy cameo in the drama as the couple encumbered by casino scandal due to their connection with the PD Kim Sung Yoon through the KBS 2TV’s Dream High. It’s reported that they kiss in the episode that appears at the ending credit scroll. Official Site. Human Casino Trailer Wooyoung Suzy Human Casino - filesweek "Human Casino" is a thriller-type drama, with Suzy and Wooyoung set to play a couple that winds up involved in an ominous gambling ring which uses human .. [Vietsub] 110925 Suzy (miss A) & Wooyoung (2PM) - Human Casino. sao lại là wooyoung với suzy nhìn chả hợp j cả. nìn mặt của suzy già . . [Vietsub] Human Casino ... Wooyoung Suzy Human Casino - backupermed

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Wooyoung - AsianWiki Viola Mar 24 2011 3:42 am I don't care who Wooyoung is. To be honest i LOVE Jason more that Wooyoung!! Jason cares about a gal who is facing lots of difficulty for him. He understands her like no one else does! and that is the fact that i am crazy about him!!!xD!♥♥ 2PM Members Profile, Age, Birth Date UPDATED! He starred at Dream High together with Taecyeon, Suzy, and his CEO Park Jin Young while getting a cameo role at Human Casino with Suzy. Wooyoung 2PM Trivia. Here are some facts about Wooyoung 2PM members profile trivia: His dream to become an idol has not supported by his dad fearing that Wooyoung will facing many hardships Wooyoung. | Wiki | •Kpop• Amino Seu primeiro mini- álbum foi lançado em julho do mesmo ano, e incluía duas músicas auto compostas de membros do 2PM, Junho e Junsu. Em setembro ele promoveu a linha de roupas da Reebok, juntamente com Taecyeon e Suzy. Em 2014, Wooyoung lançou dois duetos um com Park Seyoung e outro com Ele. Blog Archives - filesknowledge

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